March 2021

A show house was completed and then furnished by an interior designer at the beginning of the month. Potential buyers can now get a better idea of how the space can be used and arranged.

January 2021

The access road to the houses in the first phase has been approved. The final approval process of the utilities is currently underway and a request has been sent to approve the houses built first.

December 2020

The model house that is part of the first phase of the project is almost finished. The access road to the G houses has newly been finalized and foundations were laid for the houses in the third phase.

October 2020

Construction of the 3rd phase has now commenced. During the first phase, a large part of the access route was finished and outside work on most the houses is nearing completion.

August 2020

The facade of the houses in the first phase is now finished and at the same time the construction of the driveway commenced. The installation of the windows in the second phase has been completed.

July 2020

The sale of houses that are part of the second phase was launched in the middle of the month. Houses in the first phase are beginning to take on their final appearance.

June 2020

The houses in the 1st phase now have complete roof coverings and water pipes have been laid in the 1st to 3rd construction phase.

May 2020

The rough construction of the houses in the 2nd phase is now finished and at the same time infiltration pits for rainwater drainage were dug.

April 2020

At the beginning of the month, the ceilings of the second floors of the houses in the 1st phase were completed and the installation of windows commenced.

March 2020

Construction work is continuing on schedule. In the middle of March, the second floor was lined with bricks in the houses that are being built in the 1st phase.